Sunday, July 6, 2008

Lazy sunday, busy week

So here it is, Sunday after the 4th of July and every one is gearing up to come back from their 3 day or even 4 day weekend, poo. After dinner this evening the hubby went off to a car show and I decided to get off my fat duff and go for a bike ride, we live RIGHT next to the Metro parks, so I really couldn't come up with an excuse not to go, I spent about an hour casually riding through the woods, the air was fresh and somewhat cool, people were out walking their dogs, playing ball and what have you, it was perfectly refreshing.

I am bummed though about work tomorrow, it's the beginning of a busy week, and the end of a rather lazy weekend, at least I get out early for two different doctor appointments, first the Dermatologist, because I am whitey MC. White and because my cousin Ashley's husband recently had a cancerous spot, and he is also Whitey MC. White, and I felt inspired to get checked out, better safe than sorry right? Thanks Ashley, besides thanks to grandma I am cursed with the family beauty marks all over my arms, which puts me at like a 100% greater risk.

Then at 7pm I have a family doc appointment because my damn Acid Reflux is kickin again, I really hope she doesn't want to stick a tube down my throat again :( hate that.

But then the rest of the week doesn't look half bad! LOL
Well I guess I should go don a face mask and have a soak in the tub before bed. Have a great week!

The video below reminds me of my job :)

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