Wednesday, July 16, 2008

"I like your hair better that way" and hanging with the ladies

So have you ever had anyone tell you "I like your hair better that way"? I wasn't sure today to take this as an honest compliment or take it as "your hair really looks like shit every other day, but today, that hiarstyle suits you" i know she only meant it to be nice (I think) I DID do somehitng different to it I curled it, but I miss my long hair that I oculd swoop up into victory rolls in minutes, now at htis length, I cant do much with it. Ahhhh happens.
This is Kristal, (whom I wont post and old picture of for fear she will kill me)

And this is Michelle

And a picture of Michelle and I from 11 years ago in highschool. (Check out my "crossaint" bangs....wasnt I just keen LOL

If you havent put two and two togethor, Michelle, Kristal and I are longtime Highschool buddies, While I have see Michelle about 3 years ago, I havent seen Kristal in a little over a decade "11" years!!

I am going down to southern to Ohio on Friday to meet up with them and enjoy drinks and fun by the pool .

Kinda reminds me of Sex in the City

Excited? You bet!!!! I just love those girls!

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