Monday, July 14, 2008

Change of plans

Leave it to me to second guess myself, I decided ultimatley that I didn't LOVE my little black dress I bought for my b-day party, so I took it right back to macys and found the one below on sale at Express, and fell IN LOVE with it! Not to mention that it highlights my curves and is my fave color! Sorry for the cheesiness of the photos, the hubby and I had a little fun with the camera! From the front

Perfectly fits my back and doesn't pinch! I usually wear a 10 but htis was a 12 so size be damned!Havin a bit of fun! I got silver "hematite" shoes to go with it, yeah I am a flashy gal!As far as hair is concerned, I am going to curl it in ringlets and put a bog black dahlia in my hair!

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Mrs Munster said...

The black dress was beautiful but this is just wow! Looks stunning on you!