Friday, August 1, 2008

Fabulous 30th bash!!

So my B-day was on the 29th, but last Saturday my wonderful friends threw me a huge party, there were about 10 of us, and we started the night out with dinner at Carabbas Italian Grill, one of my faves, I of course started with the Chocolate martini J The Hubby and I MMM Tiramasu my FAVE!!!

My friend know I have a great sense of humor (thankfully) and put together a gag gift for me, I cannot stand the word MOIST….ewww I hate even typing it!!! So they put together a big pink box with all the products they could find at the store that said MOIST on it, including the worst possible word combo “Moist and Meaty” AHHH!!!!!! It was all stuff they knew I would use (or my dog would use anyway ) it was probably the main brainchild of my friend Ian who is a stinker and knows how much I despise that word, but I had so much fun opening it that I laughed until I cried. They also gave me a bog jar with 30 1$ bills in it for my “30th” bday. It was super awesomeJ. My lifelong friend Jeanette also got me an original Varga Pinup girl calendar for the month of July!!! Framed and everything, she is just gorgeous!!!!!! It is going our in my bedroom ASAP!

Then we headed to Julia and Randys house to do some shots before we went out dancing, I did a shot of Crown Royal, everyone else did Jaeger Bombs.
I love this pic LOVE IT!!! Me Julia and Ingrid ready to go out and shake it!

Next stop was the Mercury Lounge on west 6th. I LOVED this place!! It was however smaller than I though, but the people there weren’t half bad and it was pretty clean for being a night club, Julia Ingrid and I tore up the dance floor , got a little naughty and playful. I love them they are so much fun!
Everyone enjoyed great conversation while at the bar, danced, drank and mingled. Julia and I went down to the bathroom and when we came back two people were sitting in our Booth making out, with the rest of our party sitting there!! So Ingrid went over to them eating each others face and said “Hi I just wanted to let you know that it is Heathers birthday, hence the reason that we are all sitting here” the guy just waved and kept on sucking the tramps face, I feel secure in knowing that one of them probably ended up with a venereal diseaseJ sad, but true! I heart JuliaI am forever sticking my ass out in photos
Julia, me , Lindsay, John and Lee, Mercury Lounge
We didn’t get home until well after 3, it was perfect!


Anonymous said...

Now that looks like a spectacular evening... Well done ladies... well done.

Mrs Munster said...

Sounds and looks you had a really fab birthday party. You look stunning in the dress!

Heather said...

I DID have an awesome b-day, thanks for the comment on the dress, I really love that color on me

Ashley said...

Happy Birthday girl! Looks like such a fun night. You were working that dress! :) hawt.