Thursday, July 24, 2008

Things that I have done in my twenties

so my 30th B-day will be here soon and on Saturday my sneaky Friends have something planned for me ( i know it involves dancing and dinner but that's about it) anyways, I am MOST excited about it, and really how many people can say that they are happy about turning 30? I feel at 30 your not quite as naive as you were in your 20's and your smarter,but don't quite know it all yet. My 20's were turbulent, a mix of good and bad below is everything notable that I can remember happening in my 20's both good and bad in no particular order.

- had 5 different boyfriends but married only one:)

- got diagnosed with low grade cervical cancer and beat it

- found a great guy, fell madly in love, got married

- moved out on my own for the first time

- had sushi, raw oysters and my first martini all in one night!

- went to and graduated college followed by having 10 different jobs

- saw the cure

- met famous people like, Rob Zombie, and Drew Carry

- Played fooze ball with Weezer back stage

- Dated 2 disc jockeys (don't ever do that BTW)

- Watched in sadness as 911 and JFK juniors plane crash happened

- Got to experience first hand the great 2003 black out

- Almost got strangled by a stranger in my car seat

- got into and pulled out of a really bad accident

- became and auntie for the 3rd time!

- formed a better relationship with my sister

- faced my biggest fear in life ( i wont say what it was, but It's deeply personal and I faced it down and won)

- Lost my beloved Dachshunds

- Got cat and named him tofu

- learned how to cook some really great vegan recipes

- tried and fell in love with Arabic food

- stood on a rooftop in Columbus drunk and singing under the stars

- Drank wine and ate pizza at an old quarry with old friends

- got a big sloppy kisses mutt named Starsky

- Did my first second and third shot of Moonshine

- Became very ill with a stomach infection for 3 years of my life and almost died

- Stood under a huge natural waterfall in the mountains and kissed the one I loved

- got too drunk and too messed up at many party's, and then learned too many lessons

- got a tattoo

- learned how to change my own oil

- Discovered a passion for yoga

- dropped then found then dropped then found again and then dropped again a habit for religion

- brake a really bad habit

- held on to another one ;)

- Kissed a girl

- got to legally name 4 colors

- Reunited with my ladies that haven’t seen in YEARS!!

Phew! Ok that is not even the half of it!! But that was just stuff that stood out in my mind

Goals for my thirties, now obviously if these goals are not attained they will over flow in to my forties, but lets hope in ten years I can accomplish these things.
- Have at least one child
- Drink Absinthe, ever since the NIN video for The Perfect Drug, I have been obsessed with doing this, it is now legal here in the states, now I just have to find a bar that sells it.
- Shoot a gun
- Learn how to refinish a classic car (preferably my own)
- Go to California and visit Marilyn Monroe's grave site
- Successfully bake a souffle
- Finally find a job that I actually like
- Learn how to sew a dress

WOW looks like I have quite a bit of living to do!!


Anonymous said...

I could do all those things (at least the ones you want to do for your 30s)... except the car one... I just don't really like getting my hands all greasy and crap...

well ok I can't have a baby... but my wife has had 3... so we're already good on that one...

joygoddess said...

Hahaha, jut found your blog via facebook. So much I don't know, and we've known each other since we were 9 yrs old. We definitely need to catch up one of these days!!!

Goal for your 30's: visit me in Boston!!! :D