Sunday, March 21, 2010

A day with the family

Finally , me my husband and the little man, spent some quality tome together as a family, we went to Jaime's Flea Market in Amherst, Bill had never been there, so I wanted to make sure to take him, Hudson LOVED it! All the things to look at and all the people, it was a beautiful day out, so we checked out the outside vendors as well as the inside vendors, Bill LOVES the flea market, we didn't find much ( well we did , but we have ti wait until we can get the little man a sitter and then Bill and I can go back and really take our time) i did find this milk glass vase and I thought would look really kewl on my dresser holding my bracelets, but it was 10 Dollars, and I wasn't willing to pay that much, I also saw a pin i wish I would have bought it was 7 dollars but i could have talked her down to 5 I'm sure, it was a silver tea pot with a silver string connected to a tea cup, it was a pin and SO reminded me of Alice and Wonderland, I swear if it is there the next time its MINE!!, we did also stop by an Amish stand for some
Beef Jerky mmmmmmmm, Nummies.
Trying on some new shades
Hudson is Styling

Then we went to eat at the Blue Sky restaurant, Hudson was sooo good all day and seemed to really enjoy everything.

Eating dinner at the blue sky

Of course when we got home, I gave the little man a bath and out he went! He slept so good, i told Bill we need to wear him out more often!

Well I'm off to go roast a chicken for dinner and make strawberry tarts mmm.

I also accomplished a few crafts this week, check back soon for updates on that!


Mrs Munster said...

Sounds you had a nice day out. I really wanna go to flea markets now that I got a car again. We went out on Sat and thought we tired our lil lad out (well, he didn't sleep much during the day). I think he slept worse than the night before - the little monkey!

Heather said...

I hear ya! Sometimes we thnk we are tiring out our little man, and then he doesn't sleep well that night, and we are like WTF??? lol silly little men they are.

Mary Elizabeth said...

So sweet. I love your family. We used to go to that flea market every weekend when I was a kid. I miss that place. =)