Friday, March 19, 2010

The Bucket List

Recently, a few people I knew passed away, and one lost his father. it got me thinking that we only have to long on this earth, aside from work and things we don't care for, shouldn't we also make a point to do SOME things that we REALLY want to do, that really MATTER to us personally, before we die? here is my ultimate bucket list.

In no particular order

1. Visit Los Angeles ( maybe get a tattoo at LA InK?),Swim in the natural hot springs of Iceland,Visit New Zealand ( Auckland or Wellington) ,Norway( i have always been fascinated with Norway, it is SUCH a beautiful country), Finland( same reason as Norway) and See all the Ancient ruins in Greece (Parthenon, Temple of Athena Nike ect). Visit London, and Paris

2. Bring Flowers to Marilyn Monroe's Grave. ( Life long dream)

3.See U2 Live ( I have already accomplished seeing the cure live two years ago)

4.Learn to knit.....but REEEAAALLY good. I have already taught my self how, but I need WAAAYY more practice. i want to make hats and really kewl shit.

5.Own a pair of Christian Laboutin Shoes...I will I will I Willl!!!!!!!!!!

6. Try Absinthe ( ever since NIN the perfect drug video, i have been obsessed with it, there is a true art to it, it is the Green Monster that no doubt made Van Gogh cut his ear off. and go mad., no i do not want to cut my ear off OR go mad LOL, word was he drank a very unpurified version of it, and drank it often.)
7.Go to Beauty School, (I already do my own hair coloring, i just need to learn to cut!)

8.See a Burlesque show ( most definitely Miss Dita at the Crazy Horse in Vegas!)

9. Get a pinup tattoo ( it is the only other tattoo i ever want to get.)Probably a Elvgren Pinup, blonde of course :)

10. Meet Tori Amos and Ani Difranco and tell them how much their music means to my soul. I grew up listening to these two powerful ladies, and their music has helped make me the woman I am today.

11. Learn to run and get my body to like it.( i am really not supposed to run, according to my physical therapist, but you know me, tell me I can't do something and well.........)

12.Have another child (yeah.. you heard me....I want a girl or anything healthy really, i want to give it another go, not NOW, but I am thirty one and have some time, maybe when Hudson is 4 or 5)
13. Open a coffee House, i have ALWAYS wanted to do this, maybe some day...... i got plans :)


Mrs Munster said...

Great list. And those are all achievable! Wait till I live in back in Finland and you can come and visit me :)
Hope u got my email.I'm so sorry bout the corset. Lady in the post office said, it'll take 5 to 7 days so hope u receive it next wk!

Mary Elizabeth said...

I love your list! I agree with Mrs. Munster you can achieve them all! I have always wanted to make one of these. The pic of Hudson is just toooo cute! xoxo