Tuesday, March 30, 2010

BABY yourself~!

Sometimes being a mom and trying to keep up appearances is tough. We all want to look like hot mommas, but with lack of sleep, lack of money and lack of energy, it's sometimes hard!

But fear not! Here are a few products of my babies that I like to use on myself from time to time, that really work!

Baby Shampoo:

not only is this GREAT for color treated hair, as it does not strip the color, it is also a great make-up brush wash! Gentle yet effective.

Baby Powder:

Sprinkle on your roots to soak up greasies between hair washes,

got spit up on your shoulder? if your not wearing black, sprinkle a bit on the spit up stain, and rub it in, it will soak up the spit up and make your shirt smell nice.

You can also use it as a deodorant in a pinch.

Aquaphor:( in case you don't have it were you live it is a really thick petroleum jelly)

put it on your feet before a run to prevent blisters, or on your thighs to ward of chaffing.

It is also a FABULOUS lip healer. Put some on your lips before bed.

Baby oil:

besides the obvious use of putting it in your bathwater for silky skin, it also works great to take off eye makeup! AND SPEAKING OF MAKEUP...

Baby Wipes:

work effortlessly to take off your make up if your just too tired to take it off before bed :)

Baby wash:

I LOVE to use Hudsons baby wash, he has the pink Johnson and Johnson stuff, and the cucumber melon scent, AND the lavender nighttime wash. All three of these work great on your momma skin too! the pink stuff is actually a moisture wash and will give you VERY soft scented skin. plus it save YOU money on shower soap, AND is gentle enough for your lady parts!

See, it really isn't that hard to be a "yummy mummy!"....most of the time anyways.....


Helena said...

I noticed we share the same name - almost. Never thought I could use baby products. But I could sure use some sleep.

Mary Elizabeth said...

I love the tips! I actually have everything in the lavender line. I just love the smell so much. I def use the baby powder oppose to shampooing when I'm running late. =)