Friday, March 26, 2010

Craft projects accomplished!

My mother watched the baby yesterday while I got a tone of craft stuff done, below is what I have been working on! Feels so good to get some stuff done.

The top shirt I made for Hudson my husbands car show, coming up in April. The second one I made because he (Hudson) is such a little flirt. If anyone would like to order one, let me know! I can put ANY design on it or picture that you want. They are only $12!

I just finished this embroidery, but I have NO idea what to do with it, any idea?Charm bracelet and necklace that I made for a coworkers grandchildren. These are also order able for 7-10 dollars a piece depending on the charms used and work involved. these were only 7 dollars. I also do resin cast charms. if you are interested.I am SO excited I saw this project here and HAD to make it. The heating grate was way expensive at Lowes (like 28 dollars for a 11X17 piece!) luckily, my father had a scrap piece from some restoration work he did recently! the frame is purple krylon sprayed, although you can't really see it. I LOVE this thing! and it makes me realize that yeah I need more jewelry lol. Boy and girl earrings are made by Rascal, as is the hair flower in the photo.
I got so much more stuff that I am working on, I am just at my happiest when I'm crafting!
If you are interested in any t shirts or jewelry, please contact me at!


Kristal said...

I love crafting too! Everything is sooooo cute. You have such a beautiful soul Heather... BIG HUGS!!!

Mary Elizabeth said...

Yay! I love the crafts! You need to sell this on Etsy asap. You rock and are so damn talented it makes me sick. No, it makes me smile because I loooove you!

Mrs Munster said...

Fab crafting, doll. I definitely will order a top from you. I just need to come up with some kind of design or have you got something kick ass & rocking ones for my lil rocker?

Heather said...

Mrs.Munster let me see vwhat I can come up with!