Wednesday, March 10, 2010

...and life steps in

I really haven't blogged about my personal life lately, because there really hasn't been much going on! Which in a sense I suppose is good? But here is a catch up.
I had a wonderful weekend hanging out with the little man, he took his first trip to the grocery store, where he was actually sitting up in the cart instead of laying in his carrier. I got this great grocery cart seat liner, that you can attach toys to, and keeps his lil hands clean, I plopped him in the seat and away we went, his eyes were as wide as plates! Everything was so new and interesting, In the produce section, i showed him all the fruits and veggies and let him touch and explore what I put into the cart, and every time I took off to another isle he held on to the handlebar like he was going for a ride, laughing and kicking and smiling the whole time, he was fascinated with the coffee grinder as I was grounding up a fresh bag, he was so good, I am really blessed with one awesome child :)

We then went home and I had an ENORMOUS amount of laundry to catch up on, so i brought up two baskets, one with mine and my husbands clothes and smaller basket full of baby clothes, i sat him down on the floor and scattered some toys about for him to play with, i sat and folded my basket of clothes. He is so observant, he watched me for 10 minutes or so, they began reaching in HIS basket and taking clothes out acting like he was folding them, but of course just put them into a pile lol it was so awesome to see him learn and figure stuff out like that.

It was also so beautiful out all weekend that I took him for a walk sunday. he was purely in heaven:)

I cannot believe that he will be 8 months old on St. Patricks day, that's caarraazzy!!

I have also been busy planning our garden for this year, as you will remember we did it a few years ago. And it didn't turn out half bad, i was really impressed with what he had done, but last year I was pregnant and sick and missed out :(

This year it is ON!!!! I cannot wait to start tilling the soil, soon after mothers day when the threat of frost has decreased, i will plop Hudson down in the grass. And enjoy planting until my hearts content. This years crop will consist of ;cherry tomatoes ( since they have done so fabulously and actually came back this year without even doing anything) Green peppers,Onions, Chives, cilantro and we will see what else, i would like to do some lettuce, but they are space hogs, and we only have so much soil to work with. I cannot wait!!!

I have to go back this week and get another blood test to check my lymphocytes, you'll remember they were abnormal last time,I am not too worried about it now, Instead of freaking out, I had them send me my test results, so that I could view them over, and honestly they are not THAT high, my Atypical Lymphs are like 34, but my White Blood Cell count is really just 5 digits over what it should be. I suspect its my sinuses causing the issue,as my head and teeth have been aching on and off. Anyways, looking forward to getting that over with.

I have now lost a total of 6 pounds or so I started at 178 and am now at 172 YAAY!!!! Getting up at 5:30 am and working out four days a week really works! plus my eating habits have changed dramatically, hardly any refined sugar ( save for the occasional piece of chocolate) all whole wheat carbs no white carbs, and tons of fruits and veggies. I have to say I am even feeling better now! it is hard though, some days I have to rearrange my morning a bit to fit my workout in, and I suffer daily Hamburger and cheeseburger cravings, and ice cream.....mmmmmmmm But i have strong willpower when needed and so far so good. i didn't notice that I am a real emotional eater, I eat when I happy, when I am nervous and upset, when i am bored and when I think "I deserve to eat sweets". the trouble for me has been deciphering whats going on when I eat, deciding when I am really hungry and when I am otherwise.

I am working on a ton of craft stuff, i just have my dirty little hands in EVERYTHING. but I have successfully taught myself to knit!! in 1 week! I even knitted a long rectangle looking thing LOL. it was full of practice knits so nothing really functional. But now I will start on maybe a scarf then move on to a pattern.

PHEW sorry for the long winded post! But that's about it!

Love and hugs


Mrs Munster said...

Great post. Wish I had some will power not to eat junk...waiting for it. Hudson is SO cute! My lil man has started to be more and more awake and alert, especially when we are out. He used to go to sleep as soon as I put him in his pram, but now it's just observing everything. It's such a joy to see them developing.

Heather said...

I know i think one of the biggest joys of being a mum is watching them learn and grow! Your little man is just getting sooo cute!

Mary Elizabeth said...

Thanks for catching us up. I can't believe how big the little man is getting. I can't imagine that feeling of watching him grow. I am looking forward to the garden. I always wanted one myself. Have a great day. xoxo You are too precious.