Sunday, May 10, 2009

Great Mothers Day Weekend

I really have to say, aside form my iron levels bottoming out today, forcing me to sleep on the couch for four hours, this was a pretty good weekend for such a busy one.

I got up Saturday morning and baked a cake for my friend Julia's Party, I also ran to the florist for some Hyacinths for my mom and Grandmother. Mmmm I LOVE those, they smell like lilacs :)

Lemon Bunt cake and hyacinths.

Then i got all dressed up and tried out the new hair do that Freelancer had posted.

it didn't turn out too too bad, but my hair was a bit dirty and looked sort of dull when I was done, but still it looked nice. I think I will try it again for my baby shower.....with clean hair!

Then mom and Grandma came over and we headed of to Clementines teas House, in Olmsted Falls, We had a great time and feasted on Raspberry iced tea with mint leaves and Broccoli cheese quiches with fruit.

Grandma and Mom at Clementines
Three generations of mommas :)

I was so tired when I got home that I changed my clothes and took a nice nap on the couch, Starsky decided to join me :)

Gotta love the puppy lovin

Then Bill and i went to Julias house party, (sorry I didn't get any pics there) we had a real great time, I am so proud of the little home she has set up for herself, it looks beautiful, like something out of a magazine :) they had a nice little bon fire that Bill and i cozied up to, and we spent the evening talking to everyone.

This morning Bill and i went to breakfast and the grocery shopping, unfortunately I kept feeling like i was going to pass out at the store, so we made it a quick trip, I picked up my Iron pills and back home I went, for another 3 hour nap.

We then took the dog for a walk, talk to the neighbors, and played ball with the pup. Bill is his out on his motorcycle, when he gets home it;s grilling time! MMMMM Teryaki chicken kabobs .....and don't forget the cherry ice cream!!!