Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Here are all the things that I have craved while pregnant, and true to my form they are not very consistent. It seems while some women crave on ting their entire pregnancy, I craved certain things in different trimesters.
First Trimester:
Even though I couldn't’t keep too much down, I craved:
Mexican, anything spicy
Deep Fried Mushrooms, but it had to be (Bowling alley style beer battered mushrooms, from one specific bowling alley in Cleveland) and then once I did eat them, they made me sick L

Second Trimester:
Apricot Juice:
Have you any idea how hard it is to come by apricot nectar these days? I wanted it and I wanted it constantly, finally I broke down and paid nearly six dollars for a bottle, then only drank half of it before I realized it gave me terrible heartburn.
Water melon: I could eat a whole one
Mexican: I will still craving the spicy stuff
Mcdonalds “Big and Tasty Hamburgers”
Banana Milkshakes
Yes bowling, I CRAVED bowling, and the problem was I really was only able to bowl about 4 times before my back started to hurt.

Third trimester:
Strawberries, or strawberry flavored anything, now mind you, I love strawberries but have always hated strawberry “Flavored “ things, so this was a strange one, I have wanted strawberry gum, lip balm, milk, I even managed to find Strawberry frosted Shredded Wheat (those are REALLY good BTW)
Watermelon: I could still eat a whole one if I tried.
Ice Cream:
Baby must need calcium because this has become almost a daily thing with me, even plain old boring vanilla will do!
Orange Juice: Got to have it
Cherry Pop tarts: but it HAS to be Cherry and they have to be hot

Weirdest Craving:
I haven’t really had any traditionally weird pregnancy cravings (IE Pickles and ice cream) But there was one time that I did crave mango sorbet and seltzer water…….lets say that didn’t turn out well!

Things that I have let myself eat that I haven’t eaten in years, that completely failed me:
There were a number of things that I used to eat as a kid, that as an adult, I really haven’t let myself have in years, mainly because it was all junk, here is a list of things that I finally gave in and ate, and realized they didn’t taste as good as they used to:
Hostess Cupcakes:
They used to be creamy and delicious,now they taste like fakeness and preservatives.
“Lil Hugs Juice Drinks”:
Tasted like colored sugar water

Hawaiian Punch:
Seriously??? I used to drink this? Ugh think, sugar syrup with lots of sugar. Nasssty

Any Kind of “Little Debbie Snackcakes”:
While I will tear up a package of delicious Hostess Snowballs,. I simply cannot stand the taste of these things, too sweet.

I think the best part of being pregnant, is the liberated feeling that you can eat whatever you want, because I am getting to eat things I haven’t had in years and learning really quickly what I will never eat again, I am getting it out of my system if you will. Which should make losing weight after baby, a little easier.


Mrs Munster said...

I haven't had any consistant cravings apart from wanting to eat fruits (oranges was only thing I could keep down on the first trimester). I get cravings toward a certain food but it usually lasts only for few days. I haven't been craving either anything "weird". How long have you got too go now?

Heather said...

I am due the middle of july :)But I will take sooner lol

Mary Elizabeth said...

A lot of your choices did bring me back to childhood. I love it. I crave odd things every now and then so, I am sure it will be just as fun when I'm expecting. I hope you are feeling good sweetie. xoxo

Heather said...

Thanks Mary! I miss ya!