Sunday, May 31, 2009

32 Weeks ( no you don;t get a picture)

Hello again,
yes it's been awhile, the fact is I am miserable to the point of tears, as soon as I hit the third trimester, shit all went down hill.

I seemed to have either pulled something in my back OR the baby is sitting right on my sciatic nerve, I can barley move, have to use handicapped parking ( not that I am complaining about that one) and can't do even 25% of the stuff I usually do. Letting people do stuff for me is real tough because I am so independent, but alas, I have had to sit back and let them help me.

I am talking that I cant even get my pants on without my husbands help. The past three weeks have been a blur of doctors appts, Physical Therapy and Chiropractic appointments. And while they do help somewhat, the pain is still there and it is excruciating. My feet have now also swelled to the size of two huge loaves of bread,and my ankles feel bruised even though they are not.

The Good News:
I got to see my little man last Tues! i had to have an ultrasound to see how things are doing, he is head down his butt is in my left rib cage and his little feet are in my right ribcage, his butt really hurts, he pressed up into my back and it feels like he is in my kidney.

But we got to see his chubby lil face!!!! he definitely has mommies cheeks! And Daddy's forehead lol. it was the sweetest thing, I almost forgot for one second how much pain I am in lol.

he weights a total of 4 and 1/2 pounds, and a great heart rate. And still hasn't dropped ( too early for the really) but once he does I am told one of two tings will happen, he will either come off of my nerve and relive my pain or.........I wont be walking for the last few weeks of my pregnancy . I on the other hand am now up to a whopping 190 pounds, any more wieght I gainfrom here on out wont be me but the actual baby, so that makes me feel better, not the mention i am retaining water like the hoover dam!

my shower is also coming up on June 14th! i cannot wait!!! my dress finally came in the mail, and my husband actually found the shoes I am going to wear, not my usual style, BUT they are nice looking and comfy white leather tongs with a cork bottom on them, very summery. I also found a great pair of teal and silver earrings that match the dress.

I may feel like shit, But I will be looking good at least, and that will in turn make me feel a teeny bit better.

Annnnnd..... the nursery is alomost done!!! ThankGOD!! i did the trim on Saturday and my friend Julia is helping me paint the walls next weekend, it's looking very nice! I will post pics when we finish!!!

Well i hate to cut it short, but I had to update, I really need to go lay down.

I really need to have this baby!!!!!!


Annie said...

Sorry to hear. I've had all kind of difficulties too, but nothing that bad I guess. I'm on week 35 now. Hope everything will go well.

Lovely dress below, especially the colour.

Kristal said...

AWW sweetie. I'm sorry about all this. It will get better soon.

I can't wait to see you on the 14th. I still need to call your Mom and let her know I'll be there.

Michele and I still plan on coming together. Miss you! XOXO

Mary Elizabeth said...

Awww. I would give my left leg to be at the shower! I am sorry you are having a rough time. I hope it gets better when he drops. =)