Friday, May 8, 2009

How sleep in pregnancy relates to sex....written by me

1. Even when its bad it’s still pretty good.
2. When you want it to last it never does, but when you need a “quickie” it always lasts too long.
3. You can try many different positions before your comfortable.
4. With sex, you can do it and fall asleep, with sleep, your husband sees you doing it and just falls asleep.
5. Eating certain foods can make you feel sexy, eating just about anything can make you feel sleepy.
6. You always want to tell your friends, about the “great sleep you had last night”.
7. If your interrupted during good sex, you may want to kill people, if your interrupted during good sleep, you may want to kill people.
8. You can have a sexy dream and wake up hot, with sleep you can just go to bed and wake up hot.
9. You may get a Charlie horse during sex, you WILL get a Charlie horse during sleep.
10. After sex you may have to pee, with sleep you lay down and you have to pee.


Mrs Munster said...

:) This was excellent and so true. I just cannot understand how it's possible to feel so tired all the time, despite all the sleep. Pregnancy rules.

MICHELE29 said...