Thursday, October 30, 2008

Craft night!........Well.........almost.....

R.I.P Dear homemade maiden form..........

So tonight was craft night with Miss. Julia! The PLAN was to finish our masking tape maiden forms that we have been working on for three weeks now.....well.....that didn't work out so well. Julia had this great idea ( and yes it was a truly great idea in theory) to use liquid Foam Insulator (Great Stuff) to line just the inside of the forms so that when you stuck pins into it, the pins wouldn't come out sticky. Now the boys warned us ahead of time that this wasn't going to work, but "HA! Those boys are wrong, we'll show em!" we thought.....

So we taped card board into the bottom and the arm holes to give our Maidenform's a good support, got a can of Great Stuff and went at it. But when Julia tried to spray the inside of the form, it all fell to the bottom like sludge and didn't expand or do what we wanted it to do :(, it wasn't long before the Great Stuff wasn't so great, it was sticky and got on our clothes and hands, meanwhile our maiden form literally folded under the weight of the stuff. We decided it would be best to jump ship and forgo the project we were so hopeful for. But we laughed it off and pitched the form in the trash, and thought of what we could craft next time. Besides we had enough time left over afterward to sit and talk and play wit her dog Brutus.

On another note, check out the costumes that Julia and her Boyfriend Randy made for this year and a few years ago. The couple can CRAFT!!!!!

A Spy from SPY vs. SPY. Julia sewed the hat out of felt and the face is made out of poster board with black nylons covering the eye holes.
Fry Lock from Hunger Force....Super kewl!!

Sigh....ah well...... what are you gonna do ya know?

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