Thursday, October 2, 2008

Ode to cafe voltaire

Photo by jturney
Oh Café Voltaire, how I do love you so, your slight caffeine kick hidden under a blanket of warm hot chocolatletyness with your insufficient false marshmallows. You manage to get me through the 3:00 o’clock slump. As though your delicious treatyness will make al my customers behave better, no….no it is not weird fate, But that I am riding on such a freaking caffeine high right now, that no ones problems seem to matter to me. Like Novocain for the mind, you get me through painful situations………Thank you I am indebted…..


Beka said...

Hahah! Too cute! I've never had Café Voltaire, but the "Blanked of warm hot chocolatelyness" does sound appealing! Is there a coffee shop by you that you frequent?

Heather said...

I dont know if they have an Arabica Coffeehouse down where you live (dont you live in florida?) but thats were they sell mine :) HEHEE i was feeling like I was going to lose it yesterday at work and so I wrote a poem about my fave drink lol I need a vaca!!!