Friday, October 24, 2008

Craft Night!!

So I spent last night, taping up my girlfriend …..No you pervs…not like that…. It was Thursday, and that meant it was Arts and Crafts night with Julia!

A few weeks ago, Julia had seen a posting on Thread Banger, on how to make your own custom dress form out of all things, duct tape. We decided this was a MUST DO to open up the crafting season. Last week she did my dress form, which after two hours of standing up came out great! (I still say it’s because she’s an engineer :) ) This week it was time to do hers. So she came over last night, tape in hand and off we went. Below is a basic instructional summary, to make your own go here; (note its in the second half of the segment)

have your model put on an old fitted t-shirt that they wont mind being destroyed.( make sure that it is rather fitted and not too big)
We started midway down the butt crack (sorry no real not funny way to say that)
and began to wrap around her waist, slightly overlapping each piece, careful not to do this too tightly, you want an as natural form as possible, and don't worry about it being wrinkly (like I did) you can fix it later. Wrap once all the way up to the breast line.
Once you get to the breast line start at the center breast bone with one strip of tape and start every other piece at the breast bone point and point it out, (or as Julia says, "like your making a triangle top") make sure to smooth the pieces of tape well into the curve of the breasts and don't make it too tight, now you are going to have to get a bit fresh with the person being taped to do this correctly, so just drop any uncomfortableness and just get on in there!
You will then want to make sure that you cover the back and the under arm area. When you have covered all bases, do it again two more times.
When you are all done with all three layers, mark the belly button and natural waist line.

You will also want to draw a line straight down the back.
Once you have placed your lines, start cutting straight up the back, making sure not to cut your model (obviously) or her bra. Cut all the way up to the neck.
After you have cut your model out of her "duct tape corset" you will them need to tape it back together we used a few strips out side and a few strips inside for extra reinforcement. We then finished off the neckline and arm holes with extra tape.
Below is the finished product.
From here you can stuff it, or line it with insulating foam, and mount it on a stand, for a perfect clone of your self for sewing projects.
*btw* Thanks Julia for standing in my living room for like 2 hours and letting me tape you up. it was fun!
Now for a more detailed explanation go to and have at it!!


Mrs Munster said...

Ducktape dress sounds like a lot of fun...where would you wear it though?

Heather said...

nonono my dear, it is a dress form, you stuff it and put it on a stand and then use it for fitting purposes in sewing. :)