Tuesday, October 14, 2008

How soon we forget.....

No my darlings I have not forgotten to blog latley, I actually have had way too much going on. Lets see, this and last week alone I:
1. Helped a friend at the Art Institute with a project.
2. De-flea'd my dog , cat and my house not once but 4 TIMES!!!! (always go to the vet and buy thier meds, please don't waist your money on crap at Petco) if i would have listened to my own advice this whole shennanigan would have been avoided.

3. Went to two 30th b-days partys!!!!

4. Had a co-worker try to commit suicide in the bathroom at work , then ask ME if sh needed to go to the hospital.

5. Narrowly Missed getting laid off at work and in the process got REAL busy.

6. Have been working on my jewelry and charm line. ( wich I do enjoy but it does take up alot of time, and I am real excited about it, I also haven't told anybody so if you don't know then....surprise!!! but its not ready yet., "yay!!!"!!!)

....and about the running, I tried to get back into the swing of things after my cold, but now my right knee hurts, wich i kind of expected, so I am being ginger with that.

Jeese....ever feel like you can't get anything done???

Well at least I still have a job and now my babies are officialy flea free!!!

Well off to go poke around in other peoples blogs and catch up!

C-ya soon!


Mrs Munster said...

Gosh, you've been busy. That suicide thing must've been just awful. Hope you cat and dog are ok now. I had terrible problems with my staffie and mites when she was younger. So my sympathies to you!

Mrs Munster said...

And tell more about this jewellery line of yours please!

miss vintage love said...

Whats with all the 30th bday parties this year? Haha, I've been to quite a few as well!