Wednesday, August 20, 2008

In honor or recently turning 30......

Dear 20 something Year old self
Slow down, you are too boy crazed, men aren’t all that important TRUST me, that guy that you weren’t sure that you should dump last night? You made a great choice, trust me on this one, but you won’t listen, you will go back to him about 6 times before you get the message, and that’s ok, have fun but don’t take too many of your relationships too seriously because they are all shots in the dark, the real one is coming about 6 years from now. Try not to waste your time with the old high school boyfriend either, no not the one who painted the mural on your wall he’s ok just confused, you know, the one that one that sleeps in his friends basement? Oh never mind dear you get it when he comes to Thanksgiving higher than a kite. Enjoy that moment when you drop him off in the Mall parking lot at 11:30 pm. BTW when you do meet your future husband it will be online, I know I know, you? No way. Who would have guessed it, but its true, please try to take his political views with a grain of salt because it will all work out in time, but you two will have to MAKE it work, he really loves you a lot and you really love him.

Also don t make your life so much about chasing guys, their not worth it! You have a lot of talent that you don’t know about yet, and you need to nurture that. BTW while we are on this subject, look for a better art school, PLEASE I know your hung up on the one, but I am telling you, you will regret this down the line. Also all the jobs your blazing through? Don’t feel bad about leaving them, because about 90% of the companies that you work for are going to go under anyhow. You will eventually score a real great job with ICI Paints, enjoy your time there because you will be laid off in 4 years, but don’t worry it is not the end of the world, I know it seems hopeless, but you will get back on your feet again. And your experience at ICI paints will help you out tremendously. You will also have a lot of people tell you that you will never make it, KICK THEIR ASSES!!! You rock, and that will prove its self soon.

Your into Yoga now and that’s great, that foundation will stay with you for the rest of your life, and continue to fight the urge to diet extremely, you will fight this urge for years to come, your stomach will never be completely flat, sorry kid, it runs in the family as does high blood pressure and heart disease, so keep up that healthy eating like you do.
I also need to mention that you will down the road run into a minor collision with cervical cancer, I know it sounds bad but trust me it’s minor, you will have a small surgery to remove it and you will be good again, and yes you will still be able to have kids. You will beat your self up over it, and be made to think you gave this to yourself from all those boy crazed days, please don’t blame yourself, don’t sit in the shower for 45 minutes and cry about how nasty you are, hunny your not, this is a very common thing that happens to a lot of people, and you can beat it, you WILL beat it! But get outside more and hang out on the computer less, there is so much in life to see EMBRACE it!

That’s all the advice I have for you now, give me another ten years and I will have more advice for ya.

And P.S

……….Your Not pregnant.

Your 30 year old self


Mrs Munster said...

That is such a sweet blog post! If you actually would've had gotten this letter when you were 20, you probably would've ignored it. I think this just shows how amazing life is in the end. Even those horrible moments will in the end blossom something good. Hope your next 10 years will be good.

Heather said...

Thanks! yeah I saw it done somewhere about writing yourself a letter and I thought, you know thats a real good idea!