Friday, August 15, 2008


Not everyone has the ability to see beauty in as an elaborate way as some. I for one, am one of those people who see beauty in things others do not. I believe I have been given a very beautiful gift. You see, I can smell, hear and see beauty at times when no one else can. It’s been like this since I was a young girl. I can smell lilacs wafting through the air in the middle of winter, or pure vanilla in stale office air. My dreams consist of wild and often wonderful fantasies. I’ve dreamt, quite recently about dancing in a field while it was snowing powdered sugar and cinnamon, while some may consider all this crazy hogwash or plain hokiness. I believe there is a reason I can sense these things. Mabey its because I am an artist mabey its because I am all right brained. Does seeing the beauty in death and n a bum sleeping on the street corner make me nuts? If it does, then I really don’t think I care what you think ahah. I believe my life would not be as great as it is if It weren’t for these occurences. Sure I have my bad perceptions, I get depressed heavily and often, because I can also feel intensely the bad as well as the good. But I deal with it in my own little way. I believe this sense opens me up to things I would other wise never notice or be privy to. All I know is that it’s a beautiful life and I love the life I live, strange senses and all!

Time to go home and prepare for one of my most fave yearly things tommorrow, the Lakewood Rockabilly Riot Madison Kar Kulture show, I will be shure to dazzle in my pinup girl ensemble, pictures will ost definitley follow!


Anonymous said...

That I will be definately waiting for with bated breath...

Mrs Munster said...

I'm quite similar, but I get really obsessed about things. People especially. I find very unique looking people (that other people would call freaks and unattractive) beautiful. There is nothing sexual about it but I it's like my eyes cannot get enough looking at them. My sense of smell freaks me out sometimes. I smell the seasons and really early. Just a little breeze of spring and my heads start to buzz. I think you have got an amazing attitude towards life. I trying to learn to love it and appreciate it's beauty in every aspect.