Monday, July 30, 2012

So this is what old feels like ...

This past Sunday was my bday,I wont say what age I turned, but I am still well withing the
 "thirty-something" range haha!!
Still, I remember vividly turning 30 like it was yesterday! Time goes by so fast!!
As i do every year , I decided to go shopping last week and buy something to for myself, I had been eyeing this skirt at JcPenny for ever, I really really wanted it, so when I got a 15 gift card from Penny's for my bday I though it would be a perfect time get it.
SO find it on the rack, the last one left!(yay) go into the dressing room, try it on and.......I hated it..
I mean REALLY hated it, you can't tell in this photo, and actually it looks pretty good here, but I swear to you, in person.....yikes. First of all, in this photo i have it hiked way up to my chest, because if I didn't it fell at least two inches past my feet on the floor , and I'm pretty tall, so I wonder how tall you have to actually be, for this thing to hang correctly.
The second thing, is that the lining only comes to the knee and being chiffon, it is totally see through from the knees down, which just looks weird. Sorry Leopard skirt, I really wanted you, but I tried you on three times, and....well,,,it's not going to work out....

I didn't leave empty handed however, I decided on the dress below

Dress-MNG Mango C/O JcPenny
Cardigan-Merona Target
Belt- Forever 21

Have a great Monday!

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LyddieGal said...

ohhh i think i like the dress you chose even more than the crazy leopard maxi.
happy birthday!
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