Friday, July 6, 2012

Natural Product Love

Over the past few years, I have grown fond of natural products.
My skin is sensitive,and with al the cancer floating around these days, I'm sure cutting down on the amount of chemicals I slap on myself, can only help.
Slowly I am trying to convert to all organic and chemical free products for my daily beauty routine,
it is really important for me to find products that actually work.
A few months back, I started subscribing to a monthly beauty box called Good & Lovely, for a small fee, they send you a box every month full of organic and natural based product samples.
Here are a few of the products that I have tried recently that just really blew me away,
so much in fact, that I went and bought full sizes.

1. Giovanni Eco Chic, Triple Treat Shampoo:
this tea tree oil infused shampoo, really soothes the little bit of psoriasis that I have on my scalp
and tingles from hear to toe,I like to use it in conjunction with the 50/50 balancing conditioner.
Both products are free of parabens and sulfates. And my hair feels FANTASTIC when I use it.

2. Giovanni ( what can I say I really like this whole line!)
Shave Cream In Grapefruit/Pomegranate
When I first used it I thought it was too thin and not thick enough,
but once I let it sit for a few seconds and took that first swipe over my leg WOW!!
It really works, gets you a close shave, and smells AWESOME!

3. EO Spray Hand Sanitizer
Smells like lavender, and is handy to keep in your purse.

4.ShiKai Moisturizing Shower Gel,
this is completely non irritating,and feels so soft and luxurious on your skin, I am partial to the pomegranate scented one, but they all work wonderfully and rinse clean,
but leave your skin soft not dry.

5. Bach Rescue Pastilles
Ever had one of the days, where you would sooner smack someone than actually be nice?
I work in customer service, trust me it happens ALOT lol.
These will not completely take away that feeling, but they do work to a certain point,
 the Pastilles are gumdrop like candies,
you just gnaw on one and it releases calming natural herbs to relax the mind and body.
They are also pretty tasty.

The best part is, all of these products are not tested on animals, free of sulfates, parabens and carcinogens and vegetarian based.

I do not get paid for my opinion on these, I just really really love them!
To subscribe to Good & Plenty, go to

The full size versions are also available at Whole Foods and the Mustard Seed Market

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