Friday, February 18, 2011

I cant wait!

Oh it feels like spring around here lately! 60 degrees today, that's nearly shorts weather people!!! I am in such a ridiculously bubbly mood lol.Got me thinking of all the things I cannot wait to do! Things like:

1.Go home and play with my little man, he is just SO full of energy and kisses!

2. Make pancakes and spend a lazy Sunday morning with my two favorite guys

3. Go for a fun outing to the mall on Sunday with my two favorite guys, then to Target to buy Hudson......

4. A sit and spin!
Do you remember these? I had one and was crazy about it!
We HAVE to get one,due to reasons you see below: yes he is missing a sock, a sock HE took off, yes he has no pants on,( sorry it's sideways I don't know how to fix that!)

5. Also thinking about redoing my stairway wall, like THIS courtesy of (I am momma hear me roar)

My stairway wall looks similar to the way this one is set up,so it should be fun to take down the wedding photos and put up pics of my beautiful family

6. And thinking about making these

Wich you can find the tutorial for here.

Sigh SO much to enjoy, so little time!


Little Rascal said...

Looking forward to see the wall.

Spring is almost here as well, I hope.
Today it's been sunny so I've been airing the house, feel such a difference in my mood as well. :)

Did he like the Sit and Spin?

Heather said...

he LOVES it! He cantyet turn himself around on it, but he gets on and we spin him round, and he just laughs! Hope your well Rascal!