Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Someone to watch over me

What I am about to say may make some of you skeptical and thats fine, I know what I know and i am perfectly fine with it ( of course I do seem to be justifying myself here but...I digress)

I have been making a little bit of progress on dealing with my mothers death, i got through Easter without alot of tears and I have for the most part been coping.

Last night something strange happened, I went to bed before my husband,I turned down the sheets and nestled under the covers, turning my back to the nightstand and curling into a ball like I do every night. I close my eyes, and I get this crazy feeling of someone standing next to my bed, I turned around a looked and saw nothing, but the feeling didn't go away, I turned back around, and i could feel the hair on my neck stand up,then the top part of my back started to feel warm,I closed my eyes again, smiled, and said "hi mom, and thanks".

It's strange occurences like these that keep me going.

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Mary Elizabeth said...

She is your angel, looking over you always.