Wednesday, February 2, 2011

An uphill battle for a great cause.

So my big thing lately has been getting back in shape.After several false starts, I really think I am in a place where I can actually DO this. Besides I got a good reason to get in shape this time (ok there is always like half a million GOOD reasons) but the main one is that I will be walking in the Making Strides for Breast Cancer walk on May 21st. I honor of my mother who had survived breast cancer. It was a promise that I made my mother long ago, and what a perfect time to do it! Have a look at my team page here! It’s a really great cause, so if your available ( and obviously live here in Cleveland) please join my team Think Pink! Ineed people to walk with me, or if you want to donate you can also do it there! "My Team Page"

To get back in fighting form I have once again begun my Tony Horton Ten Minute Trainer, I LOVE Tony Horton, I don’t know, you ever just have a trainer you can CONNECT with? I think that is the reason most exercise programs fail, you have to connect with the trainer and the program, I gotta give credit to my friend Kristal for getting me hooked on Tony!

Tony Horton

Man, Machine, Inspiration!

I have also stopped mindless eating (that is really hard btw) and I try to keep healthy snacks around, drink water, all that jazz. In the end I know that it will pay off, I just have to know when to push myself and when not to, with my fibromayalgia, my body is only capable at so much at one time. But my goal is to get to a place where I can play baseball with Hudson when he is older and impress my husband with some athletic adventures 

Hope you have a safe and healthy day!

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Kristal said...

I have to agree, Tony Horton ROCKS!! I don't think I could ever have done or kept up with a program like P90X if he wasn't so great. The way he trains, and talks you through things just makes sense. Keep it up Heather and you will achieve your goals. Remember, I'm here if you ever have any questions :-)