Saturday, October 9, 2010

A day at the apple farm

We had a spectacular afternoon at Mapleside farms today with Hudson. It was ALOT busier than we had planned,but we had such a good time, We went for a hayride through the orchards,ran around in the tot sized corn maze, picked apples and of course picked a few pumpkins. This will definitely be a yearly tradition, we had a blast!
Daddy and Hudson playing in the pumpkin field

One of the 5,000 apple trees at the orchard!

Look at the look on his face! TROUBLE!!!
Once he figured out that he couldn't pick up the pumpkin, he started rolling them down the hill lol

Afterwards, we drove out into Medina and back around, ending up in Grafton township, lots of beautiful country, corn fields, and horses, the fall leaves were just gorgeous.

Bill treated us to my favorite Mexican Restaurant MAYA, we didn't think that Hudson was ready for Mexican food, so we got him chicken fingers and french fries which he of course devoured!
Hudson must have been hungry because as soon as the waiter set down the basket of corn chips, he dove into them, eating one for the very first time, I didn't think that he was going be able to eat it because it was so sharp and crunchy, but he went at them like they were nothing! THEN he started to get into the salsa which WAS spicy , and he kept eating it! lol Too much fun.

Chewing on a corn chip
Sadly, after such a great day, Hudson was running around the house and fell and busted his bottom lip wide open :( there was blood all down his shirt and he was so upset, poor little man:( but he is a tough kid and bounced back after a warm bath and some hugs from momma and daddy. All in all a beautiful day, the weather was warm, 75 degrees!! Which is a change up from the 58 degree, cloudy rainy weather that has been plaquing us almost daily.

Tomorrow we go visit mom and grandma in the nursing home, put up halloween decorations and make chili, PHEW!!! I love my family!

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