Monday, July 12, 2010

Saturday, a walk in the park

See the deer?

Hudson and I got up really early saturday and went for a walk on the new path they built in my city, and bot is it beautiful!! It's called the Lake to Lake Trails, and covers 2.4 miles of lush green marsh land and wildlife habitat.

I enjoyed the fresh air, Hudson enjoyed all the sites and sounds, we came upon one of many bridges on the trail, a beautiful long bridge that has an observation deck and overlooks the Marsh, it's dead quiet except for the sounds of Bullfrogs barking and birds chirping.
I lifted Hudson on top of the railing and let him look over, he spotted the turtle in the water and pointed at it, so I told him about the turtles and “do you hear the froggies?” I think it’s SO important to expose kids to nature and other things in this world besides Television, IPods and computers. I hope it instills in him a love of being outside, he already cries when we have to go in the house 
I even let him walk for like 20 minutes along the bridge, by him self. He thinks he is such a big man 
We also saw a baby deer about 20 feet in front of us, Hudson was in awe and just stared and smiled, I tried to take a pic with my phone. Can you see the deer?
After that we went home and took a serious nap.
Saturday evening was spent preparing our house for Hudson’s Bday next Saturday! We expect around 50 people!!! YIKES! Lil man is going to be SUPER sleepy. I swear I weeded for like an hour on my hands and knees, only to look up and see little to no change in the amount of weeds. UGH….I hate weeding.
Sunday Hudson and I went for another walk with the lovely Julia, it was nice to have girl time and chit chat. I really don’t see her enough 
After going to cafĂ© Ahroma for some tasty lunch, the lil man and I went home so he could nap, and I could get some cleaning done. I really spent the ENTIRE weekend with the little man and was so happy to have all that free time with him. He is just my little joy 

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Mrs Munster said...

The first photo is absolutely beautiful! Mine and lil man's time together is weekdays. Weekends are now boys time as my hubby looks after him from Fri to Sun (as I poor gal am at work).
Looking forward to see lots of Hudson's Bday photos!