Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Favortie color obsession

Not feeling too well today, the baby is having major sleeping issues and I am just worn down and tierd beyond belief, may also be coming down with something, (FUN!!)

So i got on Polyvore and played around a bit. Here is what I would call a current color obsession, BUT I have been intrigued with this color from a very young age. It reminds me of antiques.

My aunt once told me that she hated the color "cobalt blue" because Cobalt treatments are what they used to give cancer patients back in the day,....figure she would take something so beautiful and crap on it.....But it's still my fave.


Mary Elizabeth said...

I loooove this color! I actually was considering it for the wedding at one point.

Little Rascal said...

I love it.
Got hold of a pair of heels in that color, goes purrrfect with a red pencil skirt.

Hope you're feeling better soon! <3

Mrs Munster said...

Cobalt blue is such a stunning colour. I've got a cardigan in that colour but don't really wear it (it's just black for me).
I've just come down with a cold, just due to the fact that my lil boy has had really bad nights lately and sleep deprivation seems to lower my immune system big time. Then again, he slept last night 5 hours, then woke up for a feed and slept another 4! Mummy likes that :)