Thursday, December 17, 2009

Winter book and movie list

Well it will soon be that time again, the snow will start falling, the weather is freezing, and christmas will be over, that's when the dead of winter comes, were theres nothing to do on saturday and sunday mornings, other than cuddle with the baby and dog and hubby and read some books or watch some movies.
Here are the list of books I would like to get around to reading, honestly if
i get though just ONE I will be amazed:

I am almost embarrassed to say that I haven't read this book or seen the movies yet, and also embarrassed to say I am even considering reading it, but I feel i may actually like it, I read the entire Ann Rice Vampire Chronicles, so I figure why not.

I heard about this book in a story one morning on the BBC, Eastern culture just fascinates me.

Can't help it, as much as I hate Bill Oriley I love Glenn Beck, I just find him sensible,

very middle of the road and common sense. and since I don't much care for americas political state, I feel now would be a good time to read this.

I have never read the Da Vinci code, but this one I do want to check out, because it's about the secretive society of Masons, the Masons have always intrigued me.

Don't ask don't ask don't ask lol because I really have no idea WHY I would even want to read this, Politically I don't care for Palin, it's not really her beliefs so much, it's more that I don't think she is in any way shape or form political material,

HOWEVER, I do like her as a person and find her interesting.
She just seems refreshingly simple... and a bit clueless

Movies I need to Catch up on This Winter

I love to cook, love Julia Child, Meryl Streep and Amy Adams, It's a perfect match
Bill and I both want to see this and Bradley Cooper....mmmmmmm

This just looks terribly cute

I think I like every movie that Michael Cera has ever been in,
I just love his down to earth acting style, it's hilarious.
I still can't believe that Michael Jackson is gone, I really would love to see this
When I was pregnant, all I did was ball my eyes out every time
I saw the preview for this movie. lol

Here is to a warm and cozy winter! Curled up on the couch in a funky pair of
fleece pjs and slippers.

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