Tuesday, November 17, 2009

On Motherhood-Advice

Things that I learned in my first few months of being a new momma.
1. Everyone will feel obligated to give you their advice on child rearing, but none of them or necessarily right, only you can decide what is best for your child. Don’t let these comments drive you into a tailspin; you will find your own path.
2. If someone tells you that you are doing something wrong, just remember, that’s THEIR opinion. If you are in fact doing something the wrong way, you will find out sooner or later and chances are, it wont cause your child any long term issues.
3. Two things never to discuss with other mothers (unless you REALLY want their opinion) breast feeding, and when to start solids. This is up to you, your child and pediatrician, children have an uncanny way of telling you when they need something.
4. You will figure out what your child wants, it won’t always be this hard!
5. You may feel like you will never sleep again….you won’t…at least not for the first few months….but you also won’t even care because there so damn cute.…
6. On returning to work: it will all work out, children are attuned to schedules, they generally fall in to patterns rather quickly. Being consistent about bedtimes when you go back to work will make everything run more smoothly.
7. Trust your instincts, if your pediatrician is telling you he sees nothing wrong with your child but you know deep down something is not right, your probably correct, find another doctor.
8. Another word about doctors: every single one of them has a different opinion from the other, whether it be on feeding or sleep training, take their advice in and decide what is best for you and your family.
9. That cold generally will not kill them, but it may kill you ( up all night with a stuffy nosed little one)
10. Buy a cool mist humidifier in the winter for the babies’ room, even if they aren’t sick, your kid will sleep AWESOME! (but that’s just MY opinion ! )
11. Do not be afraid to use Tylenol for teething, it won’t hurt them and will help them feel better.
12. Listen to those girlfriends who have had children, they may all have different opinions, but they have been through it, and their advice is VALUABLE. I don’t how many times I called friends Michelle or Kristal in the first few months because I was SURE something was majorly wrong (OMG THIS DIAPER RASH IS HORRIBLE! MY CHILDS BUTT IS GOING FALL OFF!!!)
13. Babies cry…yes they do….. and it is not going to kill them to put them down when you get frustrated and walk away, as long they are somewhere safe it is OK to go outside or in another room and compose yourself. Your child WILL BE OK, I promise, I have done it.
14. If your child gets frequent hiccups (like my son does) lay him on his left side next to your knee and rub his head, this stops Hudson's hiccups and he falls asleep…..it’s worth a try.
15. If you need to get stuff done around the house like laundry and dishes and such, strap the kid to the front of you in a baby carrier, they like to look around, and often fall asleep if you keep moving. This is also FANTASTIC exerscise for you!
16. if the baby carrier wont work or they get fussy a lot, keep moving them, from the swing to the bouncer to the bed to the couch ect. Sometimes a change of scenery (or even a ceiling fan for them to stare at,) will do the trick.
17. Every so often at least, get your self dressed, put on some makeup, brush your teeth, and go out for a walk with the baby, you will both feel better.
18. Do not worry about the color of their poop…..believe me it will be many different colors over many different months, it’s all good, your kid is fine.
19. If they haven’t pooped, and it’s been a few days, take their rectal temp. if that doesn’t stimulate it, get a warm washcloth and put it on their butt, this may help them relax and go.
20. And the last one, remember not to get too stressed out, babies love their parents, spend as much time as possible just staring at their sleepy little face, and let things work them selves out, because it will all work it’s self out.


Mrs Munster said...

Thanks doll for the excellent and very useful post. I've found other mums with same age babies the best support. I've git a mate and we are texting each other at 3 in the morning cause surprisingly both are up at that time!

Heather said...

I know what you mean my friend Dani and i have children the same ages and we are always texting early in the morning too! it helps to have good friends!

Kristal said...

I don't know how much I've helped you so far but at the begin of this blog I was getting worried that I came across the wrong way to you.... Then I got to #12 and was like whew!!! LOL
I hope the book I've gave you is still a big help. And know that if you ever do need to call me I am always here.... with 3 kids, most likely I've been through it :)