Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Well crap, there goes that idea.....

Soooo about that 30 day no spend challenge.... yeeeaaah riiight. I bought this yesterday.
On Tuesday my phone finally bit it. Just completely went to hell, i had been wanting this phone for along long time, but never could justify the cost, but since Tmobile has screwed me twice now with bad phones, I decided I was going to get a killer deal on this thing if it killed me. lets just say I came out of that store with exactly what I wanted, and cheap Internet access, seriously i love this thing, for reals! There is nothing that this thing doesn't do, it is comparable to the iphone, but waaaay smarter. I can't keep my hands off of it!! Anyway I obviously blew my challenge. Even though it was a necessity, I decided to put off the no spend challenge until Jan. Anyways.
But on the diet challenge front, I lost 4 pounds!!! I know I shouldn't get too excited it's probably water weight, but it's something people!!!! let me have my moment lol. I have successfully avoided refined sugar for two days, even though I got a blazing headache yesterday I still managed. I Rock!!!

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Mary Elizabeth said...

You are too cute. Let me know how the phone works out. I am curious. I have to be as the competition pays my health insurance, lol.