Monday, September 14, 2009

colic and colds

it has been a rough few days to say the elast, our little man contracted a cold from thehusband and I about a week ago, and while it is slowly going away, it seems FOREVER!! Poor lil thing sneezes and coughs, and he is just one month under from me being able to give him anything for it, no vapor bath, baby vapor rub, nasal decongestant, nothing until he is three months, wich I admit does at least give his immune system time to build it's self up I guess. But needless to say, there is NO sleep in this house NONE.

I was supposed to go back to work this week, but decided to take one more week off, albiet unpaid. i am glad that I did because last night I was up until 4am watching Cheers episodes because the little man refused to sleep. But the second that today started, and I realzed that I would have to endure one more week of colic and a diminishing baby cold, I began to long for the madness of work, go figure, so when I can I am trying to get all my stuff togethor and outfits pressed, jewelery organized purses cleaned out ect.

Tommorrow I go to my mothers with the baby, I am not looking forward to the 45 minute ride with him in the car, because I usually go def by the time I get there from his crying. But it will be good to get out of the house and go see my parents. ust me Hudson and my Ipod full of Death cab for cutie songs, should prove to be a nice drive otherwise.

And in a good sign that the little man is feeling much better today, the husband and I got some smiles outof him :) I just love smiles on a chubby baby! Totally makes my day.

His daddy made him smile like this :)

lil man is way to kewl for school with mommys Ann Taylor Sunglasses on!


Brook said...

hahaha his glasses are so funny!!!

Mrs Munster said...

Baby's smile must be so rewarding! How many weeks of maternity leave do you get in your workplace all in all (if you don't mind me asking)?

Kristal said...

The pics are too cute!