Friday, September 25, 2009

Obsessions for the month of sept.

1. The smell of warm baby head, there is nothing quite better than that.

2.Dove Flexible Hold Hairspray, it is the ifrst hairspray that I have used with isnt stiff and really keeps my hair set nicely yet softly all day!

3. JayZ, Rhianna and Kanyes new song "Run this Town" I LOVE IT! Flame all you want, it's a guilty pleasure!

4.The ever hot, Kat Von D and the new season of L.A. Ink, makes me wanna get another tattoo!

The new show MERCY Wed nights on NBC. LOOOOOVE it!!!!!! Veronicas sarcastic attitude is just awesome!

The Dior Bar Suit, always a classic, looks great on ladies with curves. Marie Claire recently ran an article on the history of this suit, i am determined to find and own a vintage one of my own.

Ed Hardy Candles, I cam upon these by mistake one day, I don't really care for Ed Hardy Stuff becuase it has become too popular, but the candles are unbeliveably kewl!

And this pretty ladies new craft blog!

Lots of crafty goodness!!!! makes me wanna raise hell with a glue gun!

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Mary Elizabeth said...

Awesome. I am now interested in all of this! =)