Monday, September 28, 2009

Of tears and teeth..

Teething and a day after shots.This was my weekend.

On Friday I took the babe to the doctors for his two month checkup and of course ,the dreaded shots. i really felt horrible doing this to him because he was so happy when i got home from work to pick him up, and was smiling at the doctor and the nurses, poor little man didn't know what was coming, he got 4 shots! 2 in each thigh! the first one he kind of had this look on his face like (hmm ok what was that?) but by the second was more like (hey what was that?.......wait a minute..... OOOOOOMMMMMMMMGGG GOOOODDDDDDDD!!!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH) I felt so bad for him, so what did I do? did I cry? Nope...I laughed at sick is that, my kid is sitting there screaming his lungs out, and i laugh at him. He was just getting so upset, it was almost funny.....god I am a terrible mother lol.

We had a bit of a surprise at the doctors office, he noticed that Hudson was drooling alot, so he asked me how often that happens I said " all the time the kid is like a faucet!" he has also been inconsolably fussy at times when i KNOW it is not his colic, the colic period starts about 4pm and runs until 8pm,but lately he has been getting fussy earlier and earlier and it doesn't really stop.

The doctor looked inside his little mouth and sure enough, he is TEETHING!!!! have you ever heard of a two and a half month old child teething? I mean seriously people, only MY child lol.

He has two bumps right under the skin on top. LOL he chews on everything, including me, and isn't even old enough to hold a teething ring!

The doc seems to think he will have at least one tooth by 4 months!

So this weekend was rather rough, with the reactions he had to the shots (fever, general crankiness) AND the teething, this kid was drugged up and cranked out. hence the picture above, he was so tired yesterday would not take a nap to save his LIFE!!! And when I took that picture he looked just like that, one eye shut , one eye open, staring into space like college kid that's been up all night smoking pot.....except without the munchies, as a matter of fact he wouldn't eat at all, he just wanted to chew on his bottle.

I did mange to make a pumpkin pie and put up fall decorations,but that was about it.

Lets just say as much as I miss my little man today.....I am REALLY glad to be at work :)


Mrs Munster said...

Poor little man and poor you. I am already dreading the vaccinations. It must be horrible to watch your lil one to have something that hurts. Then again, I'm sure they'll forget it quickly. Btw, I like the new look of your blog!

Heather said...

thanks for the compliment!!!

Jennifer Domenick said...

Ayden got his first 2 teeth at the same time at 3 months old and he did not stop by the time he was 9 months old he had all his teeth we did not sleep for 6 months

Jennifer Domenick said...

I am sorry my computer cut me off I wanted to finish by saying good luck if you need any tips let me know P.S. frozen washcloths work well on teeting