Sunday, November 9, 2008

....Well at least I MADE a roast this weekend

Yesterday I went to the MADE in the 216 show at Room Service, and "SWOON"!!! my NEW fave store, lots of really kewl original stuff just waiting for me to purchase. Sadly yesterdays I was out of money, but now that I know were the store is, Julia and I will have to trek back down for some Christmas shoppin! Check out these three local based artists that I really dug. And you thought Cleveland had nothing to offer......... Super Industrial Love

Afterwards, Julia and I went to Bella Dubby for some tasty hot coffee deliciousness, then my plans to go grocery shopping and do some crafting were derailed, when I suddenly felt like total shit. So I spent the afternoon huddled up on the couch under a comforter sleeping it off. But the hubby came home and brought me some food and took care of me.

Today we got alot of shopping done and hey look at that!! I made a roast!!! See I DID craft something today :) I may still make a necklace tonight but......meh.........maybe just a bit more rest first :)

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