Friday, November 14, 2008

Have you smiled at someone today?

Photo by Sick Little Monkey
I have had a real nasty day thus far, my day started off with me getting into two altercations with customers, one of which landed me in my managers office going through cantankerous emails and defending myself until I was blue in the face.

Then once that calmed down, I had a customer who thought it was his duty to let all of his political aggression and frustration out on me in the form of screaming at me for not having and answer for him.

After that fun jaunt, I got a letter from management stating that we may have to work the holidays (great like I don’t hate this place enough sometimes, just take away my right to be with my family to REALLY boost my morale!!)

After my customer altercation, i had a coworker who saw me in the bosses office text message me on the computer asking what had happened I wrote back “oh just some dumb ass customer trying to get me in trouble” the problem??? I didn’t send it to my friend I sent it on accident to management…..GREAT!!!!!!! Who replied “please do not talk to anyone until you have calmed down”

So I thought I would get out for lunch, so I head out to Panera Bread, I walk into the door and….OMG!! people ALL over the place, granted the service was fast but very rushed and no one was very personable, so finally I get my tasty lunch (orchard harvest salad and chicken soup) sit down and try to replenish my mind, choosing not to listen to the thoughts in my head, but rather to the guy behind me talking about some interesting real estate options to another customer. After I was done, I stopped by the cafĂ© for steamed soy milk with whip cream. So I stand there at the counter…..and stand there……..aaaaaaaaaaaand stand there. Finally a girl moseys on over and looks at my request like I just asked her for the whole world. She enters it, I pay. And then it happened……A manager comes over to the counter and tells her he will make the drink for me. So as he is steaming my millk, (that sounds kind of dirty) he smiles at me! And says, “so how is your day today?” I smile and say “well it’s been trying” he finishes my milk and hands me a medium sized cup of steamed milk with whip cream. “OH” I said, “I paid for a small”. He goes “I know, but I figured you could use a treat”…….and I swear, that guy smiling at me and doing that for me, made the whole rest of my afternoon, POOF!! Went my bad mood. And I swear to you, as I walked out the door, (which BTW a nice gentleman held open for me) the sun came out!!!!

So I ask you to smile at somebody today, it may just be that little thing that makes their day better. We need a lot more people like that in the world.

Here is a song by Ani Difranco that I LOVE that came to mind after this all occurred:

PIXIE by Ani Difrancoi'm a pixiei'm a paperdolli'm a cartooni'm a chipper cheerful free for alland i light up a roomi'm the color me happy girlmiss live and let liveand when they're out for bloodi always givethe man behind the counter looks like he's gota half a dozen places he'd rather beand furthermore it looks like he's preparedto take it all out on mebuddy, i don't really care what your problem isjust don't make it minecome on kids, let's all hold handsand pretend we're having a good timemaybe you don't like your jobmaybe you didn't get enough sleepwell, nobody likes their jobnobody got enough sleepmaybe you just hadthe worst day of your lifebut, you know, there's no escapeand there's no excuseso just suck up and be niceall the privileged white kids on tvplaying at deathbrandishing their cold cutswith their ghostly makeupand their heroin breathand all the little fishes are flapping wildlyon their hookswhile all the top critics find great meaningin the telephone bookthe little emperor he has no clothesso he can't come out to playand besides which life is sufferingand he likes it that wayand the little guy is not so friendlybut you know life has been cruelso wipe that smile off your face babyand try to be coolyeah, i would like to perfect the artof being studiously alooflike life is just a boring choreand i am living proofi could join forces with an armyof ornery hipstersbut then i guess i'd be out of a jobso i guess that's out of the picture


Little Rascal said...

Hi doll.
Here's the recipe for the potato soup.
I never measure anything so you just have to go on feeling and make it as thick or thin that you desire.

You'll need:
Veg stock cubes
Green lentils (dried)
Black pepper

Dice the potatoes and the onion as big as you want them.

Press the garlic.

Fry the onion and the garlic in a bit of oil before you add anything else.

Add water, veg stock and the green lentils, let it simmer for about 10-15 minutes, then add the potatoes and simmer until the potatoes are done, not too soft, then it will be a mash.
Add as much black pepper as you want, no salt, you won't need it because of the veg stock.


Design Gal said...

Oh my gosh, I DIED when I read that you accidentally sent the text on the computer to management! Girl, I've TOTALLY been there! I'm so sorry!

How great though, that the guy behind the counter made you feel better! I'm going to try to be that person today! Thanks for this post!

Heather said...

Your very welcome! I swear sometimes thats all you need is a smile!

Mrs Munster said...

Sounds you had a pretty bad day. Good thing, there are angels in disguise as coffee shop lads! Everyone seems so argumentative now days. You can imagine how much s**t I get as a nurse: from dr's, management, patients and relatives. Even if it's somebody else's fault from the medical team, it ALWAYS comes down to nurses. I sometimes wonder how I still haven't had a nervous breakdown.

Heather said...

Mrs. Munster: I feel like havinga nervous breakdown nearly every day at work!! So i understand!