Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Friends and Funerals

I had a funeral last night, nothing too traumatic, just a family friend from a long long time ago, but it was nice because I got to see the kids I grew up with living at my parents old house in Lorain, Ohio. We all laughed as we caught up on our lives and were pleased that everyone turned out ok, we shared stories about when we were little and we swore SWORE I tell you, that we saw a sasquatch in the Lorain cemetery, and the time we tried to get my friends brother to drink muddy water, telling him it was chocolate milk. (never fell for it despite our feverish attempts) The kids I grew up with were mainly boys, which I why I guess that I was a bit of a tomboy as a little girl, barbies really weren’t my thing, no, you could always find me up in a tree somewhere or playing army on the dirt mound in the back yard, or kickball.

After my parents moved, I got more girly friends and sort of dropped the tom boy routine, but still to this day my husband doesn’t believe that I was once a sporty kind of gal.

The evening ended off nicely, sitting at my parent’s living room eating fabulous chocolate cake that my dad made and just talking general memories.

When I finally did return home, I was greeted by a husband in a wonderful mood and a package (OHHHHHH) my new phone came (YAY!!) so I cannot wait to get home tonight and mess with it! Also got some crafting planned tonight, I am making and OBAMA magnet for my grandmother (she LOVES Obama) and do the transfer for my necklace, I promise I will get photos up by the end of the week……..seriously…..

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Mrs Munster said...

Obama magnet for your grandmother sounds so cute!