Sunday, September 14, 2008

Julias big 26!

Last night was so much fun, it was Julia's 26Th birthday, and we all went out to BD's Mongolian Grill in one of my favorite cities Cleveland Heights (actually the area is known as Coventry Village) Coventry is Cleveland's personal "Greenwich Village NY" very bohemian and liberal. It is home to great places like the Cedar Lee where you can watch artsy fartsy movies you won't see every where else and the legendary Grop Shop "think almost our version of CBGB's but waaaay dirtier."

I love this damn city, and while the hubby was at his motorcycle course, I had the opportunity to go alone, something which I haven't done in years!!

Ok,ok enough gushing.......

We had a wonderful meal at BD's then Julia held me at gunpoint and forced me to help her eat a fudge brownie sunday, it was pure torture and I shall never forgive her.
Julia, at the wine cave, I know it's a dark pic but it looks cool with the light.

After dinner it was off to the Wine Cave, otherwise known as "La Cave:" for drinks, I LOVE THAT PLACE!!! It is literally in the basement of a building, and is very cave like, has little black tables with candles, red and dim lighting, lots of real neat art and very cool people, including our waiter who was a sweetie pie. This place was totally Julia, I tried a delicious wine blend of Cabernet, Merlot and Shirah, very very dry with a hint of sweet aftertaste.
Ian's $25 bottle of beer, but hey it was aged for 30 years!!! (8-9 years older than he is) in a whiskey cask.

Julia, of course got something I cannot pronounce if I tried, and the boys all had imported beers, including Ian who got a $25 bottle of beer, with its own box and bottle necklace (fancy) We all had some really great conversation, the 7 of us, and just kicked back. I drove home warm but not at all drunk, listening to Portishead, as I drove back through the city and home to my sleeping hubby. Happy b-day Julia!

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