Friday, September 26, 2008

Insipring words

Picture by Ashley Forrette

Ok,so in case you have lived under a rock lately, shits been depressing here in the states, with the election debates under way,the crappy economy and the fact that I and many other people may be getting laid off soon, BUT!!! Cheer up babies!! Although we cannot choose our destiny we CAN choose our attitudes and the way we see things in these hard times.And since this blog is about the "joy of life", here are some inspiring words that I read recently that struck a chord.

From Stefanie LaRue Author of "Daring to date again, finding love with cancer"
A woman living with Metastatic breast cancer.
"As I see it, we all have a choice: you can wake up pissed off , or you can focus on everything that you are grateful for. You have to open your mind and you heart and accept everything that is happening to you, good and bad. Right now I am the happiest that I have ever been, i am living a no-bullshit kind of life. Just waking up every day is an orgasm-an emotional orgasm. I know there are more ahead of me, I live for that."

And from Crazy Sexy Cancers , Kris Carr

1. Telling people you love them even though there is so much poison that you think you hate them. Once you say it you burst open with white joy and then you miss the time lost in the negative.

2. Doing things that make you really scared but really exhilarated.

3. Muting the voice in your head that is always worried, always tentative, always keeping you in the land of stuck. "Fuck it". "Just do it". GO.

4. Saying no to people who only take.

5. Saying yes to people who give you as much as you give them.

6. Opening your heart so wide that you touch a space that is unknown, uncomfortable and exposed. Staying in that space. Holding it. Holding it. Ahhhh.

7. Turning addictions into accomplishments. Nothing has you in it's grips. You are the grips.

8. Service to God/Goddess. Everything else will fall into place.

9. Sacred sweat, lots of it. Dance till you bleed. Laughing so loud someone complains.

10. Forgiving the world and then making it better.

Now I do realize that both of these woman have cancer, that is just by coincidence, October is national breast cancer month, and I have been doing alot of reading, my mother recently kicked Breast Cancer so I feel the need to be as informed as possible to keep myself healthy, but also these women are INCREDIBLY inspiring. And we can learn a ton from them.

Enjoy your weekend to the fullest!!


Ashley said...

very inspiring! (hi chloe!!!)

Mrs Munster said...

Thanks for putting those encouraging words here. I'm really trying to live my life on "come what may" and just adjust my attitude. I suppose that's all you can do in the end.

Heather said...

it's all about additude I am a firm beliver in that!

Design Gal said...

loved this post! i found your blog through Ashley's (cute pic of her dog by the way!) and wanted to say hi!

Heather said...

Well hello right back to you!! And thanks for visiting!!!