Sunday, September 14, 2008

Brutus and Starsky Meet

So Julia has this new pup named Brutus, and for the first time a few weeks ago they met ( that didn't go real well), last week they met for the second time and things went better, after a few good crotch sniffs, we were good to go. We went for a two hour, yes TWO hour, walk in the metro parks, it was gorgeous out, and it felt so good to soak in the last bits of summer. Here are some pics of the pair now know as "Brusky" pronounced brew-ski.
Walking down by the river.LOL Don't you just LOVE this face??Third times a charm!Starsky enjoying his day out with a new friend.


Mrs Munster said...

Brutus is so cute! My rottie is not too keen on other dogs. My staffie is obviously his best mate and it seems she's the only one he needs. Starky is a handsome lad!

Heather said...

Yeah i love Brutus, I call him Brutus Cutus, because he is so darn cute!