Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Beauty Booty!!!

Here is a smattering of beauty products I have fallen loyal as hell to recently.

Almay Triple Effect Mascara:
I chose this about 1 year and a half ago when I was getting married, Almay has never irritated my eyes and I wanted something that came in water proof and really lifted and separated my lashes, THIS PRODCUT HOLDS UP!! It has a double sided brush, one with longer bristles and the other with shorter to really get into the root of your lashes. It’s a winner!

Vaseline Firming Lotion:

I am generally a lotion junky and usually switch brands routinely, but I found this one quite by accident, I picked up the wrong bottle in a hurry one day.
And didn’t realize it until I got home. It is NOT greasy at all and leaves your skin feeling really smooth like silk! It also helps to tone your tush and legs and arms as far as overall appearance is concerned, not to mention it smells great! I am a convert!

Garnier Nutritioniste Ultra Lift Daily Targeted Deep Wrinkle Treatment:- WHEW! Long name, but this little tube packs lots of punch!
Fortunately I do not really have a lot of deep wrinkles (thanks Genetics and overly oil skin!) but I do have a few areas that need firming and of course are showing slight laugh lines. This stuff really works! I got a sample in the mail a month ago and was very upset when it ran out, but much to my surprise the price wasn’t too bad around 13-15 dollars at my local CVS, it definitely keeps everything Up Up up!!! And considerably lessened my forehead lines.

V05 Extreme Style Max Hold Hairspray:
An oldie but damn goodie, this is the spray for all you beehive wearing girls; ladies who love to create volume to their fine limp hair.

It is extremely easy to work with, has a fine fine mist and hold beautifully without giving you the dreaded helmet head effect. As in your hair will actually look like you DON’T have spray in it. And when it comes to teasing my hair up all 60’s style, this shit is the cats’ pajamas!!

Hard Candy Eye Candy Eye Palette:

With 9 shades total, this eye pallet is a cant miss, I especially love the blend ability of the black, actually ALL the colors blend exceptionally well and they are all Vegan! So what’s not to love! Thanks to ReLYME for turning me on to this brand!


I also picked this cosmetic for my wedding make-up as it is a stain and wouldn’t rub off during the day, the only thing is did do is streak when I had tears roll down my face but blended out quite easily! You can also use it to stain your lips, don’t let the dark red color fool you, it looks right on everyone! And is subtle! It gave me a rosy outlook!

Make-up Forever Full Cover Concealer:
This stuff is great for dark circles, red spots, and general facial afflictions. It is a thick cream, that blends easily and 1 tube will last you at least 6 months!

Now your turn….what are YOUR favorites??

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Miss Wink said...

Oh that eye shadow palette looks delicious!