Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Kid Kraft: DIY Blues Clues Game

Overall, I don't really know how popular Blues Clues is anymore,
but my son is currently obsessed with it.
Given that, it is extremely hard to find any Blues Clues Merchandise anywhere.
And what I do manage to find is really over priced.
So I decided to make a Blues Clues game for my little guy.
I should warn you I don't have a Cricket paper cutter and I am not a scrap booker so I don't have all the fancy stuff to make an elaborate one. But with a little free hand drawing and some supplies from the dollar store, I think I did pretty well, (see i just KNEW four years of Art School would pay off! :)
Here are the supplies that you will need ( I got mine at Dollar Tree)
- Red spiral bound small notebook ( I couldn't believe I actually found one with red binding!)
- Index Cards
- Pack of foam sheets
-Markers ( different colors)
-Sharpie marker
-Craft glue
- Scissors
(Photo note) You will notice a blue stamp pad and round floral foam.
I didn't name these two supplies because I tried to create a "paw print" stamp with them,
and it failed miserably....you'll have that lol...Just disregard those two items lol
What I did:
For the notebook, I cut out a green foam square and glued it to the front of the notebook.
Then with a black sharpie I free hand drew the "Thinking Chair", cut that out,
and glued it to the green square.
For the "Clues" i had intentions of making a "paw stamp" out of foam and floral foam, but lets just say it didn't work out :(
So I ended up drawing like 10 paws on index cards myself lol
I then cut them into little squares with my paper cutter.

And your DONE!!

Here is the end result!

How To Play:
There are so many different variations on how you can play this, you really need to just base it on how old your little one is.
We decided that the main object of the game would be to find out "what blue wants to do?"
what he wants to do is up to you as the parent. For example, I wanted my son to settle down and get ready for bed last night, so I had him stand in another room, while I put three clues out, one on his pillow on his bed, one on his toothbrush and one on his favorite book next to the bed.
Then I handed him the notebook and had walked around with him singing "we are looking for blues clues" when he saw a clue he would yell out, "a clue! A clue!" then put it down in his handy dandy notebook. When we got all three clues, we went and sat on the couch (our version of the thinking chair) and put the clues together.
He was super excited and couldn't wait to play...again and again and again.
When we were done, he had the notebook in his hand and said "mommy this is really cool! Thankyou mommy!" My heart just melted!!!! At the end of the day I'd say my job was done :)
I mean just LOOK at this face lol
I'd say he is pretty excited.

The best part is, this only cost like 5 bucks to make!! No KIDDING!!!
5 bucks and like 30 minutes!
xoxoxo Heather


Health, art, and the girl gamer said...

Awesome, I am totally going to do this with our daughter!!

Kristi Wolff said...

Love this idea and especially love your son's reaction!