Saturday, October 6, 2012

5 Things I love, Fall edition

Fall is here time for warm apple cider and cool evening by the bonfire!
Below are a few things I get really excited about this time of year:
Pumpkin Anything:
We can start off with the starbucks pumpkin spice latte, but honestly, I love ANYTHING Pumpkin
Creamer, coffee,smoothies, little pumpkin pies ect. I even have pumpkin lipbalm
......I think I have a problem.
Warm Drinks:
Whether it is my mothers Hot Toddy recipe, or homemade hot cocoa and occasionally even hot tea, im all over it in the fall months, there is nothing quite as comforting int he morning as a hot cup of something tasty.
I wish I could say that I liked hot cider, but I can't drink it, hav eyou ever scene Dumb and Dumber? The part where Jeff Daniels is in the bathroom? you know too much.
Glittery Decorations:
It starts up this time of year and continues through christmas, I love sparkly things, including glitter.
A couple of years ago my mother and I glittered a bunch of plastic gourds, I have been throwing glitter on things ever since, I have HUGE plans Christmas Glittery Reindeers, i will show you shen I start that project.
Nature Walks with my family:
We are very lucky to live aorund a massive parks system, Cleveland has a wealth of gorgeous streams and trails, and the fall is ther perfect time to take a brisk walk, put all the phones and computers away and just enjoy life.
Since I am going on my third year of being a mom,halloween has become one of my favorite holidays, I just love seeing my son get so excited MONTHS IN ADVANCE. This year he cam eup with his own costume. he loves blues clues and this year he wants to be a "Clue" like as in the blue paw print! He said "momma, ok, paint a blue  clue on a blue shirt, and I wear blue pants and i knock on the door and say "Hi I am a clue , give me candy please"
LOL hey for three years old to have figured that out on his own astounds me, so i will definitley be making him a "clue" costume this year lol......and he better share his candy lol

I could literally go on for days on why I love fall so much, but I said five reasons, and I will keep it at that, what are your favorite things to do in the fall?

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