Friday, October 12, 2012

10 ways to have a great day

We have all been there, you either wake up in a funk or a few things over the course of the day send your day into a downward spiral of gloom and doom and before you know it, your sitting around wallowing in your own self pity. It happens,but fear not my dear, for I have ten ways to turn that frown upside down in no time! Try one, or if your day is REEEAALLY bad, try all of them and soon you'll be on your way to blissfulness in no time flat!
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1. Listen to good music:
I love music, it is a big big part of my life. Grab your Ipod and make a "pump it up" play list, fill it specifically with songs that put you in a great mood, if Im angry I like to put on some good girl angst like Neko Case or some of Tori Amos harder stuff, and scream it out at the top of my lungs.
or if I'm depressed I like inspiring music from Mary J Blige or Fiest. the options are endless!
2.  Force yourself to do things that need to be done:
I know this may sound counter intuitive, but hear me out. Say your at work and you have a bunch of papers to file or data to enter, or say your at home and the dishes need to be done or you need to start the laundry, clean the fridge ect. You obviously do not have the motivation to do things like this when your depressed. But that is exactly what you NEED to do. Get up and walk, Drag, FORCE yourself to get that stuff done asap. Why? because once it's done or once you at least start on it, the sooner you can do other things that would be more fun, an you will also feel LOADS better after getting tedious stuff off your to do list first, you'll feel like you at least accomplished SOMETHING, and that's bound to make anyone feel a little bit better.
3. Take a coffee break ( or two or three):
Coffee has this profound way of making me almost giddy, the worse my mood, the stronger stuff I drink. If you can't or don't drink coffee, I recommend any other hot beverage that you enjoy, I know some people REALLY love tea, I prefer hot cocoa as a good second option. Add all the fixings you love, Milk,Sugar,marshmallows, honey, whatever gives you that lift, this is NO TIME for boring plain old beverages, unless of course you like them that way.
4. Get up and move:
This is especially important if you work in an office environment. Sitting around sulking in your own self pity isn't going to get you very far on this journey my friend, get up go talk to a coworker, walk around the building, to the bathroom the candy machine ( HEY! Chocolate!) outside whatever just MOVE IT!!...Which brings me to number five....
5. Get Some Sun or Air:
OK I do realize that for some of us this is Darn near impossible
(Cleveland September through may anyone???)
But getting some outside air will also help, if the sun IS OUT where you are at, then all the better!

6. Eat Good Food: In the winter, when I feel less than awesome, I love a good hot bowl of soup. Especially Broccoli cheese soup, beer cheese soup, cheese melted down to form a soup....I'm not picky. In the summer I like a good frozen yogurt with some gummy bears. Point is to eat something that makes you feel good. try to keep it mostly notoriously sound though, eating a quarter pounder with cheese fries and a shake could just make your mood worse.
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7. Take a time out and read some inspiring blogs:
I know that some days when I am feeling down I love to read Kandee Johnson or Rockstar Diaries for a midday pick me up. They're outlook on life is so beautiful and their personalities so down to earth that they make you instantly feel like you've had a virtual hug. :) So seek out whatever sparks your interest, Family, make-up, nail polish, art ect, there are endless good blogs out there written by wonderful people, Dig in and feel inspired!
8. Clean:
Studies show mess and clutter can make you feel anxious, so clean it up baby! You don't have to go all out and dust scrubs floors, just tidy up and declutter.
9. Put on a little lipstick:
Personal fave right here! Lipstick brightens up your whole face and makes you FEEL and LOOK fantastic! if you're more of a gloss girl, then use gloss! You would be surprised at how much it lifts a bad frame of mind.
10. If all else fails, fake it!
Yup, just suck it up, slap a smile on your face and look happy, sometimes this can actually physcosematically work out. Your brain thinks "ok i'm smiling, must be for a good reason" and releases good feelings. Don;t belive me? Give it a try!
Here is hoping your bad day is a temporary one, remember tomorrow is a new day and that the sun will always shine again (unless you live in Cleveland)
See you Monday!

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