Friday, August 24, 2012

Wardrobe: Fall Planning

I know summer isn't even over yet and I am already thinking about my Fall wardrobe.
There are just so many GREAT looks in store for this year, I can hardly help it!
Here are some staples that I am looking forward to purchasing come late September.
There will be more to come, but as of now these are the basics that I am in current need of,
This Coat by Anthropologie has been on my mind since I saw it last Tuesday, it is $168.00
so I am currently trying to justify it. It is extremely well made and has that nice structured look I love in Trenchcoats.

I love this Tweed style fitted blazer by Ralph Lauren, ecspecially with the crisp white shirt undeneath it, Fitted blazers seem to be my fetish this year, I recenlty bought a grey one from H&M and I love how it pulls my waist in and looks so finished

A Chambray shirt and a Crisp clean white button down shirt, are TOTAL MUSTS, dress them up, dress them down
put them under cardigans,blazers, you name it!
These are from Tommy Hillfiger

Mustard or marigold colored skinny jeans, I have never been a huge fan of this color, but over the past year,
it has rapidly grown on me. These are from Rouche

Every year I see these from Steve Madden, and every year I forget to buy them until it is too late,
these are perfect for fall days, and the perfect compliment to a sweater and leggings.

 These would be great with a short flirty floral dress and fitted denim jacket!
From Zappos
Hope your weekend is stellar!!!


wardrobeexperience said...

like those steve madden lace up boots ... need a pail like these in black.

LyddieGal said...

hopefully by the time you actually need the anthro coat, it will be on sale.
Chic on the Cheap

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Heather said...


Heather said...

Yeaaahhh I know, I'm going to be removing the whole word verification thing tomorrow , I hate having to do it on OTHER peoples blogs as well lol