Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Current Obsession- Feathered Jewelry

Now initially when you think of feathered jewelry,
you probably think of dream catchers and American Indians,
at least, that's what I had thought.

But what I have been salivating over craving latley is a more sophisticated kind of feathered jewelry.
My interest started when I saw this:
....Darn you COACH...you get me everytime, I mean combine it with the fact that I LOVE enamel jewelry, and lets just say my excitement flew through the roof...........then quickly died, when I found out it cost $160, ( sad face)

So I did what any budget concious girl who has a serious addiction love for all things pretty
I resorted to Ebay and Etsy

Unfortunatley I came up empty handed on the enamel feather bracelet, but I DID find lots of other pretty things that I am now coveting ( lord lock up my wallet) here we go:

Around the World necklace by ManoCelebratesI am really considering snagging this, it's so darn cute!

Pacific Coast Birds by LuxeDelux

Feather Ring by HangingByaThread

I saw this on ebay and I didn't write down wich seller, but if you look up "enamel feather ring",
 it will come up almost immediatley

Coventry Bird by SellItAgainVintage

I adore THIS, but I figure it HAS to be heavy, but pretty still - TheOldBallerinaBox

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