Friday, May 20, 2011

DO you KNOW what your eating?

DO you REALLY know? Lord knows I thought I did! That was until a friend of mine on facebook posted this link

And holy crap did it open my eyes!! Then I started thinking about my mom and her pancreatic cancer, and how she was diabetic ( wich greatly raised her risk of cancer anyways) but she also ingested ALOT of fake sugar, margarine ect, because well, she felt she HAD to! So I  showed my husband the article and he was as astonished as I was, we ate alot of stuff with Sodium Nitrate in it! Bacon, ham, lunch meat. I also used fake sugar in my coffee , chewed gum with saccharin in it, drank diet soda, used margarine and all that junk, I could probably say that about 40 percent of what I ate had some sort of chemical in it.......ewwww!!!!
We decided we were done with this, and we didn't want Hudson eating this crap either, so we did a little research and foudn out about foods that you should buy organic or peel, like pear, peaches, apple and carrots, and foods grown with tons of pesticides (like strawberries). I went to the market and bought mostly organic stuff, read labels like a hawk, and seeked out alternative nitrate free meats, And What I found was, I actually spent LESS ( a little) that what I did when I just buy all regular stuff! And if you live here in Ohio I found out that Heinens own brand name products, are ALL certified organic!!!

I even chucked my microwave popcorn! And made it from scratch, like in a pan with oil! And I gotta admit it tasted better and was really fun to make!

Listen, I am not one of those people who freak out about every little thing reported on health, however, with my moms death and the odd spread of cancer in recent years, I just really think that something is behind this. And My husband I just feel better knowing we are putting natural foods in our body not if I could just kick my sugar habit :)

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