Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Things I'm loving right now....

1. The Royal Wedding
Much to my Husbands chagrin, i really enjoyed watching the Royal Wedding, and I personally love Kates Style to begin with , she always looks so pulled together! And that DRESS, well it was just a classic, understated yet elegant. I also think it looked VERY similar to Grace Kellys dress.
I also love that deisgner Allen B Schwarz is making a cheaper knock off of it for around 400-800 dollars!
And the fact that is was designed out of the house of Alexander MCQueen by Sarah Burton.
McQueen was a favorite designer of mine.

2.Issey Miyake L'Eau d 'issey Florale Purfume
I love love love this perfume, so romantic and feminine and summery,it has notes of WhiteWood, Rose and citrus in it. it is definitely
on my list of mothers days gifts :)

3. Speaking of mothers day.........
This little guy has been tugging on my heart strings constantly the past few weeks, the things this kid does, I'm telling you lol
He is is own brand of entertainment lol. I took this picture this weekend, he loves his ball, or "BAWL" as he calls it.He fell earlier that morning and bruised his head and scraped his little nose, but he is a lil tough guy and took it like a champ, nothing that kisses from mommy and daddy and some sponge bob cartoons couldn't fix!

3. Working out
I am doing a 5k walk for breast cancer on May 21st. And I have been doing what I can to physically amp up for it. My new addiction is Oxygen magazine and one of it's contributors, fitness champ and breast cancer survivor! Jamie Eason!
THAT'S what I strive for! HOT!!
And she is also so inspiring, she makes me feel like I can do anything! She is right up there with Tony Horton in my book!

4. Sex and the City
They have been replaying the series On "E!" and since I didn't have HBO when the series originally premiered, I get to watch it now when I can, ugh I just love it. I used to think I identified with Samantha, but after watching it, I know know I am a Carrie Bradshaw, I swear, when I was single I had the same thought processes as her. It's just unreal, she is me if I lived in New York, worked for myself and was single.Married, I am more like a mix of Charlotte and Miranda. Stubborn and neurotic lol. ( not that that's a bad thing!)

5. Gardening and getting my yard up to gorgeous again.

This weekend the hubby and I re-arranged practically everything in our yard this weekend, I bought a forever after Hydrangea bush and an Azaelea Bush for the front,transplanted the hostas,and the burning bush.
Hubby re-landscaped the fromt yard and now it looks super clean and gorgeous. The only thing I have left to do is plant wildflowers on the side of the house, and start my veggie plants and Mint plant. Now if it would only stop RAINING!! I could do that! I swear I feel like I live in Seattle!

6.  Messy Buns! Since my hair is starting to get real long, I am able to do all sorts of new stuff with it, i know I am going to have a hard time dealing with it when the humid weather does eventually get here. So I am searching for new pretty ways to get it off my neck.
Iammommahearmeroar posted this pretty three piece bun she made recently with Goody Spin Pins. I just love it!

Well that's about all of my obsessions for now! Off to slog around in my wellies and go to the gym, I figure I will see sunshine and dry weather soon...........I hope!

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