Wednesday, May 11, 2011

10 Questions with my grandmother

On Mothers Day last weekend, I took my grandmother out to the tea house from brunch, it had been along time since it was just her and I. When my mother passed, I started coming up with all the questions that I wish I would have asked her, I decided since we were still blessed having my grandmother with us, that I would ask a few questions and perhaps gain some useful wise knowledge.

10 Questions with my grandmother
(well 9 if you don't include the one she couldn't remember)

ME: ok grandma, I am going to ask you some questions, a little interview of sorts ok?
Grandma: oh! Ok!...well......I'm ready for my close up! Where is my hairdresser?

ME:What is your advice for a long life?
Grandma: No Smoking, no drinking in excess a good attitude  and a great sense of humor.

ME:What is your advice for all mothers?
Grandma: Well did you see Dr. Phil on Friday???
ME: no I don't believe that I did lol
Grandma: Yikes! I don't want to be THAT kind of mother!
Hmmmm.....I would say, accept children as a gift from God and treat them as so.

ME: what is your advice for a good marriage?
Grandma: Honesty, communication and respect your vows.

ME: What was the happiest day of your life?
Grandma: probably the day your mother was born, she was our first and we were just so excited!

ME: What food have you never liked?
Grandma: LIMA BEANS!!!!!!!!

ME:Is there anywhere that you wish you would have traveled?
Grandma: Probably the Orient, you know China and Japan

ME: What is your favorite color?
Grandma: Red

ME: What do you think is your best feature?
Grandma: Now?? oh well......psssh.......hmmm. My legs USED to be, I always got alot of compliments on my legs. (for the record her legs are STILL awesome and she is well over 80!!!)

ME: Well thanks for answering grandma! i just have one more question
Grandma: Ok
ME: Why do your kolatchy always taste better than mine!!???
Grandma: I have no idea! The tough is very tough to mix, so maybe you just don't mix it enough.

Thanks so much grandma, for letting me pick your brain, Love you!

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Mrs Munster said...

Some reason my blogger page hasn't veen updating your new posts and I thought you've completely disappeared from here. Good, you haven't. This interview of you grandma is so adorable! She's wise.