Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year New Start

Hello all, New years eve was well welcomed, the hubby and I spent it at Julia and Randys house, playing air hockey, eating good food and watching Hudson run around flirting with all the ladies :)
I was definitely ready to let the old year go,More than one bad thing had happened this past year and I wasn't sure I could handle anything else, although you do find how strong you actually are, when you have no choice BUT to be strong. I think I have certainly amazed myself.

I don' t do resolutions, but a few plans for this new year may be.
Take overall better care of myself:
No not the whole "Im going to lose ten pounds," promise, no I mean actually working on my fitness level, building muscle and taking my vitamin d and fish oil everyday. Trying to reduce my sodium and sugar levels to take better care of my heart, stuff like that. I am obviously not getting any younger, and my mother illness and death, really opened my eyes, and scared me. SO I have to get healthier, even if only so I'm around as long as possible. :)

Either Put up or shut up in regards with my job:
Either I find another job I really like, or i stay where I am at, and work on what makes me happy on the side,the economy is improving,and there isn't any real harm in checking out the want ads, but i have no real expectations, because what I really want to do, I couldn't make a living on right away, so it makes me wonder if I would even be SATISFIED with a new job.

Have more fun with the hubby and baby:
Just take life as it comes and try to enjoy more, enjoy everything. And relish the time with my little family.

Hope you had a great start to the new year!

Me and my 90 year old grandmother on New Years Day!
The Hubby and I
The Girls- Me, Julia,Sarah, Ingrid

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